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Love this place

Love This Place…
I have just returned from a week in Amsterdam, I am lucky as my son lives there. One of my favourite places to visit is the
The TextielMuseum Goirkestraat 965046 GN Tilburg.
The TextielMuseum is a working museum,offering  a unique combination of inspiring exhibitions, educational programmes and
a specialised workplace for research and development.
It is a leading centre for textile knowledge and expertise, with its own laboratory: the TextielLab is part specialised workshop
for the manufacture of knitted and woven
fabrics, and part open studio where innovation is central.
Under the supervision of product developers and technical experts, national and international designers, architects, artists and
promising students explore the endless possibilities of materials and techniques. The TextielMuseum is a versatile and important source of inspiration for anyone interested in the past and future of textiles.